Free High Stakes Blackjack

You can play high stakes blackjack free here.

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How to play
Low stakes blackjack at Sky Vegas is pretty much the same as any other blackjack game. The object is to get as close to 21 as possible but without going over (busting). You win if you beat the dealers score. If you draw, its called a push and you get your money back.

Dealer Play
Dealer must draw cards until he reaches 17 or higher and must stand on all 17s. This means that if the dealer gets an ace and a 6, he must stick. This is slightly beneficial to the player.

Doubling is only allowed on a 9, 10 or 11. Some blackjack tables allow you to double on anything but this table on lets you on those numbers.

You can split any cards when you get 2 of the same. As 10s, jacks, queens and kings all count as 10, you can split them too. With aces, its one card only and no blackjack. So if you split aces you can’t keep drawing cards after and if you hit a 10, you will only get paid out at even money.

Blackjack Payout
Blackjack pays 3:2. eg, you place a £10 bet, blackjack will pay out £25 (£10 stake back and £15 winnings). This is also why the minimum bet is 2p not 1p. If the minimum bet was 1p, you’d not be able to pay 1.5p out in the case of blackjack. Blackjack is only when your first 2 cards add up to 21. Getting 21 after splitting counts as 21 but not blackjack and you will only be paid out at even money.

Decks and shuffling
The number of decks used in this game are 5. The deck is shuffled after each deal.


With perfect play the theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 99.4%. That is pretty damn good and you will not find many casino games beating that. Roulette has a RTP of 97.3%.

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